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Quality Control

Quality Policy

Petro Tajhiz Sepahan established with the aim of localizingg design and production of requiredvalves for oil, gas and petrochemicalindustry, and in recent years has tried to reduce dependence on aliens and placed its priority onprotecting of human resources, maintaining national resources, preserving the environment,increasing customers and other beneficiaries satisfactionand improving the quality inall fields of work with putting spiritualties and morality on the top of the list of its activity, consistent with the government's general policies for sustainable development.

In this regard,all services and processes of company’s management system have set based on international standard, ISO 9001 and ISO/TS29001, and these are improving constantly.

The most important company plans to increase the qualities of manufactured products include:

  • Appropriate communicating and interacting with customers and other beneficiariesin order to attract their maximum contributions
  • Identifying and meeting customer’s needs and expectationsin order to increase their level of satisfaction
  • Identifying and developing individual and group talents, and improving the level of knowledge, technical knowledge, practical skills and staff training with the approach of   improving the quality of services.
  • Promoting the spirit of cooperation, punctuality, efficient discipline, in order to ensuring respect and appropriate behavior with customers, reducing environmental impacts and risks arising from the organization's processes

Therefore the high-level managers and all employees are committed to fulfilling the above passages.

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