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President Statement

President Statement

Eloquence of each society and development and prosperity of each country are indebted to significant vision of the country’s elites.

Artisans, as one of the main society’s elites division are responsible for great tasks such as productive and wealth creator job creation, insist on resolving the necessities of each society.

Petro Tajhiz Sepahan has been formed by artisans who believe above statement and try to perform their tasks perfectly as one of the effective members, although a small member of this honorable gathering.

The oil industry in Iran is the main axis to achieve a development and sustainable society in terms of industries.

The great oil resources are blessing for all Iranian which should be used along with this sustainable development.

Designing and producing the most widely used equipment, in needed collection equipment of oil industry, valves, is the main task of our artisanal and proficient group.

It’s our duty to offer a chain of services to our society by institutionalize producing these equipment. The most important parts of this chain of services are productive employment, creating a positive balance in exchange of the country in favor of the country’s internal and close and efficient interaction with custodians of converting these blessing resources to investment in our country.

We believe our way, consist in this belief, and Almighty God, the first artisan of existence; has guaranteed our success.

 “Ali Mohammad Izadi”


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